Posted on Jul 8, 2018

671 Press, LLC

My third book was OUR YEAR OF FEAR - 2015. It's a title some people find a bit off-putting, but if you read it I think you'll comprehend better. There was a lot of fear in the land; fear the progressives might launch an assault (figuratively or literally ) on their political adversaries. The book catalogs many of the events of the year that fed the fear. We were all lucky, though. Nothing earthshaking occurred. Meanwhile, the greatest events of the year turned out to be the election campaigns of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. In the book you'll read about all the candidates and my own contemporary assessment of their chances. It was a strange year in some ways. I was "Cruisin' with Cruz" in 2015, but understood the strength of Donald Trump, and finally realized Cruz just couldn't win. I went to a Cruz rally late in the year and was appalled by his inability to express his ideas extemporaneously. I knew then that Trump owned the Republican field, though I was convinced the Democrats had already put a plan in motion to steal the election. Turned out much of that FEAR a lot of us felt was a bit of an overreaction. I had great trepidation over the idea of Trump as the Republican candidate. In the book I didn't hold back on my true opinions of him. He unsettled me greatly.
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