Posted on Jan 29, 2019

671 Press, LLC

Where did the name, 671 Press, LLC, come from, and why the logo used?

The company name memorializes a submarine Steve Stone served aboard for almost 5 years during his first stint in the U.S. Navy, way back in the '70s. USS NARWHAL (SSN671) was in all ways a very special ship. Ask any submariner who served during that era and almost all will tell you they know about NARWHAL, though very few actually do.

NARWHAL was a legend, and for very good reasons. For security reasons there's not much that can be openly discussed about that ship, other than it had the greatest crew that ever submerged on any submarine. Now, over 40 years since the author was a crewman aboard her he still count NARWHAL Sailors among his life's best friends.

The logo choice should now seem obvious. Narwhals are sort of homely whales, not large and not very colorful, but they have that weirdly wonderful tusk! Steve Stone thinks that's what his books are - weirdly wonderful. He tries to make each one an experience. Readers say they are.
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