Posted on Jul 13, 2018

671 Press, LLC

My sixth book, THE SLOW COUP: The First Year of Trump's Presidency is yet another compendium, written over the span of 2017. Structurally it's like my 2nd, 3rd, and 5th books, with contemporary material. In the book I comment on many events in the country, but you'll note many very important things seem to be omitted. I decided not to sound off on some things because there was already adequate high-quality consideration in publication and my voice would be duplicative. There are endless topics worthy of discussion, and if I don't believe I can add a unique insight or perspective it's not useful to me or any reader. I want to explore new relationships and considerations, not rehash the obvious after the media has sliced and diced the day. The title of the book and its cover design are metaphors. The rusty chains speak to me. The chains depicted are not in use, but are at the ready. That visual metaphor is aimed at the America the progressives have tried to create. The chains await. They await us. The title is a metaphor that describes the situation America is in. Trump's presidency has been under assault from its first moment. The coup has actually been ongoing for the past 60 years, but has been so slow no one seems to have noticed. NOW they do! The questions of the day are: Is NOW too late? Can we turn back? I hope you read and understand. If the Slow Coup is to be turned away, all the real patriots and Americans who care about freedom need to understand.
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