Posted on Jul 11, 2018

671 Press, LLC

My fifth book, TRUMP'S TRIUMPH, was a return to politics, social commentary and event analysis. Like my second and third, my fifth book is a compendium of articles with wide ranging subjects. The title of the book is suggestive of a truth - regardless of how you want to view it, in America 2016 was the Year of Trump. He dominated the media reportage almost every day. He pushed aside his competitors one by one and became the standard bearer for the Republican Party in the November general election. His free-wheeling and often undisciplined ways and direct appeals to the public were more reminiscent of Hughey P. Long and the Rev. Billy Sunday than of any politician in the past 80 years. His campaign was a true phenomenon. Regardless of his missteps and almost daily faux pas, Trump seemed completely unaffected. In November he dominated the Democratic Party's candidate, whom he constantly referred to as "Crooked Hillary." Yes, it was Donald Trump's year, and in most ways it was unique. TRUMP'S TRIUMPH captures some of that uniqueness and does more. It offers the President Elect advice on how to approach his new job; what priorities to consider and how to accomplish the promises made on the campaign trail. In retrospect it appears President Trump paid attention to much of that advice. It may be that by the end of his reign President Trump will have accomplished everything on the agenda TRUMP'S TRIUMPH boldly offered. We shall all see, shall we not?
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