Posted on Jul 11, 2018

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My fourth book is a bit of a departure. Well, actually a HUGE departure from my usual political opinionating. DEAR FRIENDS: Letters From L.A.* began as a series of letters I wrote to former colleagues in a Navy project office in Washington D.C. I had two motivations for writing those letters. I wanted to inform my former colleagues of the area I'd moved to and describe its inhabitants. I also wanted to do it in a way that I was sure would discourage them from trekking down for a visit. The letters were something of a running joke that took on a life of its own. Years later I found out my letters were put into a special binder and kept at the sign-in desk of the office. Visitors and all new staff were directed to read all the letters in the binder and sign an acknowledgment sheet to verify they had. I learned about the binder from a Navy Admiral who had run my old shop after I departed for Lower Alabama. I met him by chance, but remembered his old assignment. When I told him my name his reaction was quite comical. Then he told me I'd created a legend. After I published my third book, and was well into my next project it hit me that prepping my old letters into book form might just be worth my time. Evidently it was the right decision. I've had good success with the book, mostly because people always, always like to laugh, and I'm told DEAR FRIENDS does that. I don't really know; it was just my life. YOU DECIDE!
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