Posted on Aug 24, 2018

671 Press, LLC

PRICING! Everyone interested wants to know what things cost, right? Here's the deal. If you want any of my books in E-format (PDF) they're a flat $3. (CHANGED IN JAN. 2020 FROM $5) Just send a check or cash (anything but pennies, please) and a valid E-mail address and I'll send your order to you. Five of my books are longer and larger than one (Dear Friends). They are a flat $17, including postage to mail back to you. Again, just send check or cash. I don't do credit cards, PayPal, or any other digital payment method in order to hold down the cost of my books. I also don't trust E-commerce (you shouldn't either). Dear Friends can be had for a flat $15, including postage. Don't let the price fool you, though. It may be my best book. I don't think so, but people who like Southern humor seem to.
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